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Guide to Pantone Color system

Explore our Pantone color guide to help explain what is the Pantone Color System and how to get PMS colors.


Guide to design placement and sizing

Check out our guide to placement and sizing for your designs to help give you a better idea of where an how big you would like the art. 


Guide to vectored vs non-vectored art

Check out our guide to vectoring to help show you whether or not you are working with vectored art. This will determine whether or not the $25 vector fee will apply.

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Holiday Lookbook




The Pantone matching system (PMS) assigns every color with a name and number. Using a color standardized system helps avoid color differences from print files to finished products. if you're not sure about your color pantone's website is a very useful resource we have linked here for you.

Feel free to ask about our pantone color book if you need help picking a color when you come in!


we will be able to identify your pms color using any one of these color values.


RGB- 74/201/227

CMYK- 61/0/15/0


* sizing in inches*

design placement and layout.png

* sizes can vary depending on art* Click on image to enlarge


& sizing 

if not provided mockups we will provide them for you for approval of placement and sizing of your design before moving forward with the job, this ensures your final product is exactly what you expected. This guide will help you better understand those placements and sizes.


vs. non- vectored

vectored file formats

non- vectored file formats

vector files.png

*these will not always mean the art is vectored*

The easiest way to tell whether your art is vectored or not is by blowing the image up as big as you can- if it looks low quality it is rastered if the resolution does not change it should be a vectored file.


the format you send your artwork in will determine whether the $25 vector fee will apply if given rasterized art. if art is already vectored this fee will be waived.

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