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Screen Print

Elevate your Brand with expert screen printing services

Unleash the power of vibrant and lasting designs with our professional screen printing services. We specialize in bringing your ideas to life on a variety of surfaces, from apparel to promotional products. Our skilled team ensures precision and quality, whether you need custom merchandise for your business, event, or personal use, our screenprinting services deliver unmatched durability and visual impact. Elevate your brand with bold and eye-catching prints that leave a lasting impression. Partner with us for superior quality and unmatched expertise. 

Screen printing becomes more cost-effective as the order quantity increases. This makes it a preferred method for large production runs of promotional products and apparel. It is also known for its durability and longevity. The inks we use are thick and can withstand repeated washing, exposure to the elements, and general wear and tear.

bringing your designs to life in just 6 simple steps


Providing artwork

Art fees are waived if art is sent in correct format. If provided non-vectored art there will be a $25 fee to vector applied.


Providing Location of imprint

If we are not provided the location the job will be put on hold until determined. This includes - left/right chest, full front/back, left/right sleeve, back tag.


Providing sizing of art

If we are not provided a size the job will either be put on hold or you will be liable for the size assumed for you.


Providing any pms colors

If you do not provide pms colors we will use our pantone connect color matching system to determine pms colors for you.


approve your final mockups


sit back and admire your new personalized piece!!

mockups represent final garment style, colors, artwork and design placement. mockups will be provided for final approval before printing. we base our final products off the mockups either we or the customer provide.

Screenprint Processes:

Standard spot color

Ideal for designs with a limited color palette and strong consistent colors.


The Spot Color Printing process involves using a single, premixed ink to create solid areas of color. Each color will require a separate screen. Commonly used in logos, branding, and simple graphics. The Spot Color Process is best for precise color matching, vibrant and opaque colors.

Simulated process printing

Best suited for designs with an extensive color range and complex art.


The Simulated Process involves using a combination of spot colors with halftones to reproduce a full color image. This process offers flexibility in achieving a wide spectrum of colors without the cost and complexity of CMYK printing.

Halftone Printing 

Suitable for designs with gradients, shading, and tones using a single ink color.


Halftone Printing uses varying dot sizes and spacing to create the illusion of different shades and tones using a single ink color. This allows for a range of tones and shades using a single ink color and screen.

4 color process printing

Also known as CMYK printing, this method is best for recreating a full color image through color mixing.


4 Color Process Printing uses layering four process ink colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) to reproduce full-color photographs or artwork with a high level of detail. Commonly seen in commercial printing and packaging. This process allows for a vast range of colors and details, similar to what is seen in traditional print media.

What is an underbase?

When putting art onto a dark garment the art will need to allow a layer of white ink- known as the underbase- underneath the art to prevent any changes in ink color which will add an additional screen fee charge.

*Artwork may be subject to change to make it screen print ready. These changes if drastic will need approval before moving forward.*

Using specific Fonts?

We ask that you expand all fonts when sending artwork or specify which fonts for us to use. If it is a font you have personally purchased please provide font files (ott., otf.) If it is a font you would like to purchase but do not have the font files for, you will be billed for purchase.

Picking your Process

Using different screen print processes allows for a diverse range of visual effects in printed materials. Choosing the right screen print process depends on the desired outcome, complexity of the design, and the intended application. Each process offers distinct advantages and allows for creative flexibility in producing visually stunning and impactful prints.

*Not every screen printing process will work with all artwork.*

Screenprint specialty inks:

*Specialty inks are available upon special request and additional charges may apply. Please keep in mind artwork must allow for specialty inks or changes may need to be made.*


Puff Ink

Puff ink expands when exposed to heat, creating a raised or three-dimensional effect on the print. It adds a tactile element to the design, making it stand out. Puff ink is commonly used for lettering and logos.



Metallic ink contains metallic pigments, providing a lustrous and reflective finish. It's perfect for designs that require a metallic sheen, giving a polished and sophisticated look to the print.



Neon ink is a high-impact, vibrant ink designed to create striking and attention-grabbing prints. This ink is perfect for designs that demand an electric and intense look ensuring that your designs stand out in any setting.



Our standard ink we use comes in a wide range of colors and is versatile for creating solid, vibrant prints on various materials. Let us know your PMS colors and we can match your ink exactly.



Glitter ink contains reflective particles that add a shimmering effect to the print. It's a popular choice for creating eye-catching designs with a touch of sparkle, often used in fashion and promotional items.


Glow in the Dark

Glow in the dark ink absorbs light and then emits a glow in low-light conditions. It's perfect for designs that need to be visible in the dark, adding a unique and attention-grabbing element to the print. Ideal for apparel and novelty items.

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