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these fees will be determined based upon complexity of the project and after the consultation.

3 revision cycles included. after 3 revisions $35 revision fee will be applied.


Your favorite creative solution aimed at visually communicating your brand.

logo design

Creating visually appealing and effective designs to bring your visions to life.

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Providing beautifully curated websites that accurately convey your vision to your target audience.


With all graphic design services  a free consultation is included to ensure we are accurately creating graphics that work with your brand identity.


Logo design

our services are provided by our skilled graphic designer who uses their artistic and technical expertise to create visually appealing and effective designs to visually communicate your intended concept and brand.

30 minute consultation

12 options upfront

includes mockups


copyrighting package

copyrighting is crucial for protecting the intellectual property and granting exclusive rights to original creative works providing control of use and distribution. It also provides legal resource against unauthorized use or production.

1 hour long consultation

includes vector files and mockups

12 options upfront

includes composition portfolio

(fonts/pms colors/layouts)

copyrighting paperwork filed

notification and provision of records


website Design

our designer will collaborate closely with you to understand your objective, target audience, and brand identity. Using design software to manipulate images, create illustrations, and arrange text in a visually compelling manner to convey information, evoke emotion, and establish a strong visual identity for your brand. ask about our free store website option.

30 minute consultation

custom url domain


custom graphics

whether it's for print or digital media, graphic design services play a crucial role in shaping the aesthetic aspects of content. from creating cohesive brand identities to bringing your artistic vision to life. effective graphics and illustrations contribute to the overall success of businesses and organizations by ensuring their visuals align with their goals and resonate with their audiences.

15 minute consultation

full color artwork

includes mockups

at least 3 options upfront

for the best depiction of your art or logo idea please communicate any fonts/colors/brand personality/themes or pictures of designs you like for reference.

there are 7 different types of logo layouts please reference our logo layout sheet to find which style of logo works best with your vision.

Please keep in mind reference photos are always welcome, or if you see any logos you appreciate the style of communicate this to our artist as we aim to make your logo an accurate representation of your brand.

It is important to note you will still be billed for time if you do not choose one of our designs. Also we abide by copyright law and will only provide original art. so the more information you have to communicate the better. 

Please keep in mind copyright records take an average of 3 months to finalize.

Please keep in mind copyright records take an average of 3 months to finalize.

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Logo ex page.png


Logo ex page.png


Logo ex page.png


Logo ex page.png


Logo ex page.png


Logo ex page.png


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