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(Direct to Garment)


The Process

With the recent improvements in technology DTG has quickly become one of the most popular garment printing process. DTG Printing is a method using a specialized printer that directly applies water based ink to the fabric of the garment being customized. The process is very similar to printing on a piece of paper, because of this it does not require a complex set up.



For the best results we recommend using 100% cotton garments. This is because when using tri-blends the DTG ink colors tend to be dulled down, so it is important to note DTG does not work on all garments. Check out our selection of DTG friendly garments.

Best for smaller quantities with detailed designs



With this process we do not require vectored art this means you will be able to send an image from your phone we can transfer to the garment. Due to DTG not needing a complex set up or different screens for each color it has become the most cost effective method to put complex designs onto a smaller quantity of garments. Perfect for small or singular orders.


Keep in Mind

It is important to keep in mind what colors are in your artwork when choosing your garment. Keep in mind tri-blends will cause the colors to dull, and that DTG does not work on all garments.

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